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Stopped by while I was in town visiting my mom and everyone was friendly and inviting and the class I took was just what I needed ! Thanks so much.


Hands down best friendliest Yoga studio very comfortable beautiful and clean.
No chanting either! Just excellent overall experience for anyone at any level.


Amazing experience! I have been attending classes as Melo Yoga for about four months now and absolutely love each class! I started with no experience into yoga practice and now I am able to do some challenging poses. I am very happy with the teachers here and the variety of classes. Atmosphere is great, studio is cozy, modern and clean and prices are affordable. You will surely have a great experience here!


A quick rundown of why I adore Mel-O
1) Beautiful, quaint studio
2) Kind, compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable teachers
3) Judgment-free zone
4) Lovely fellow yogis‍‍
5) An overwhelming sense of community
I haven't been going here very long, but I feel wholly accepted and have already experienced much healing and recovery here. Thank you, Mel-O.

Rachael Y.

Honestly the best and progressive overall Yoga studio we have ever been to! The owner and teachers always make you feel at home and part of the Meloyoga family. Several types of Yoga and times to choose from including private sessions. They also do Silks, Strala, teacher training. even restorative Yoga. Best to see their website ir call the owner Cathy Mussman who always rmakes everyone feel welcome. Also the studio is exceptionally clean and has a calming peppermint aroma.
Hope this helps and I am sure you will love this place:)

Great studio! I am passing through the area for the next 3 weeks and immediately was drawn to their studio. Friendly, knowledgable, warm yogis with a good size space. The moment you walk in you feel welcome. Some teachers offer hands on adjustments (if you want them) which I love to help improve my practice. 10 years of practice all over the world and this is one of my top favs!


I am the liberated soul of this world and possess the unity consciousness,singularity,absolute peace.absolute zero.real truth of self,infiniteness regardless the worldliness free from the cycles of birth,death and world time scale - the ultimate state of yoga with uniopn of God.Thank you.


Mel O Yoga is a wonderful yoga studio! The studio is clean, neat and well organized. The teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. Catherine Mussman the owner has always helped me with all of my questions and concerns. Thank you Catherine and everyone at Mel O Yoga for everything you do for the community.


Such a warm and friendly atmosphere. Perfect place for yoga. I love this place!


I finally found my yoga studio in Florida. I've been looking for over a year and trying different studios.  Mel O Yoga fits the bill plus. Thank you for ending my search.


Fabulous instructors and such a wonderful community! It has helped lower my blood pressure, cholesterol and my blood glucose has normalized since I began going to yoga almost 4 months ago. I couldn't be happier.


Finished up a few hours ago my Thursday morning Yoga with Cathy. If you are looking for a great morning class (Tuesday and Thursday 1030 - 1130a) give this class a try. Revitalize & Restore is great for most all fitness levels and ages. My week is not complete without it!


I went to my first class this morning and I hope my schedule allows me to bring my kids back for family yoga this Wednesday. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and safe. I loved it here!


Melo is my home away from home. Yoga is my therapy, mental and physical. I've met the most amazing, positive, loving people in the two years I've been practicing. I'm addicted!!


All the instructors and classes are wonderful! So relaxing and helps my lower lumbar pain.


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