Yoga Nidra Monday August 21st with Danielle

yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra at Mel O Yoga

Yoga Nidra (meaning: yogic sleep) fits beautifully into everyone’s life journey and Danielle’s passion is to bring this powerful relaxation technique to those suffering from chronic pain, illness, emotional stress or the stress present in everyday life.
Join Danielle, Monday, August 21, 2017 @ 7:15pm as she guides you in the development of personal intentions that empower you to take your life in the direction you desire, breaking the cycle of stress, and patterns of behaviors limiting you from reaching your fullest potential.

Danielle is an Amrit Method certified Yoga Nidra facilitator. She was introduced to this ancient practice during her recovery from a traumatic brain injury while seeking an activity that could bring her relief with minimal exertion. After feeling the effects herself, and learning how Yoga Nidra can promote overall physiological and psychological well-being, she set out to learn from Gurudev, the yogi who brought these teachings to the US from India, and his daughter Kamini Desai at the Amrit Yoga Institute. Through her journey of healing, Danielle has discovered that recovery is a balance between challenge, to build yourself back up, and rest, to accommodate your body’s need to rebuild itself.

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