What people are saying about Mel O Yoga!

“After only three short months it is time to say good-bye ( at least temporarily) to all my new friends at Mel O Yoga.

I leave here a much stronger person, both physically and mentally. Arriving from Canada in late December, I was struggling with recovering from two major injuries and multiple surgeries to my right leg.

Google is a wonderful thing! Through it I contacted Cathy and as they say the rest is history. My pain ( hip, knee and back ) has improved greatly as has my flexibility.

I need to thank all of the instructors at Mel O Yoga for their kind and patient  ( and many times humorous) support and guidance through my introduction to yoga. I hope I can take this solid base back to Canada and return even stronger in nine months. You have all ( without me realizing it ) guided and talked me through poses and stretches I never thought I could accomplish. know how much this has meant to me.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014.”  ~Namaste, Anne

“First of all I have never felt real comfortable working out at a gym nor have I ever been excited to be a part of any exercise program. Then one day I met Cathy. She explained to me the benefits of yoga and the outcome of her transformation. I wasn’t even reluctant to try. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. The first class I learned the basic moves of Yin Yoga and the importance of proper breathing. At that moment I fell in love. I feel this is something everyone can do even if they have health issues or physical limitations. The way this practice is taught is to your limitations not your neighbors! We are guided to the pose and encouraged to do ‘Yogi’s choice” . We are told not to watch or compare ourselves to the person next to us. I like that. I am new at this form of Yoga but I am excited to know it well. When you get to meet Cathy you will love her too!”    Lydia Meyer, Palm Bay Jewelers

“First let me say Cathy is an awesome teacher which makes class that much more enjoyable. I had gotten away from practicing yoga and after taking her first class she returned the love I once knew for yoga. I love going to class and eager to learn from Cathy she is encouraging and is always willing to help you achieve your best. My youngest who is 11 is taking classes with me and she really enjoys it. I cant say enough about Cathy she is just awesome!!! Not to mention all the health benefits it has helped when I had a migraine and also helps me endure my work week .

Thank you Cathy for all you do and give to us yogi’s.”    Michelle Lafayette, Esthetician – Merle Norman

“Yoga + Fun = Cathy Mussman. Yin yoga is a great way to begin your yoga practice and Cathy makes it fun. It is a practice of stretching poses that bring amazing results. I am a 62y/o and I have had chronic back pain for years. I attended a yoga class where Cathy was teaching and the results were great. They get even better as I continue. I still have pain but it has greatly decreased. I can now do poses and daily activities that would normally cause me great pain. The only thing I have done is Yin yoga with Cathy. She is able to move each class at their pace but is aware of each individual and their needs.

So come join us remember Cathy=Yoga +Fun. It will be the best thing you have done in a long time.”    Georgia Shimkus, RN

“Hallelujah! My first and continuing response to finding Melo yoga and it’s team. Here I found everything I’ve always wanted! Not only are the teachers dynamic and have the finest, most diverse training, but the unpretentious, family atmosphere made me feel such ease and lack of self consciousness while making friends and getting healthier in mind, body and soul! I love this place and they show you all benefit from yoga. Whether you are a super athlete or wearing a leg brace, experienced yogi or first timer…. This is the place for all! A true gem!”  Abbe Hartman